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Help us send a message to the NOACA Board and the respective elected officials.

NOACA Board Meeting Friday January 20 at 9:00 a.m.
 A bus holding 50 will be available in the Mayfield Heights East Gate Shopping Center at 7:30 leaving at 7:45.  Tickets are $15.  Returning before 12:00.  You must register by sending an email to If you are driving yourself be there early at 8:30Parking downtown is limited.   Sign in to speak.

We had a great meeting last week on Thursday at the Middlefield Library.   Over 100 patriots were in Middlefield, 65 patriots in Lake County, 50 patriots in Medina, and an untold number in Cuyahoga County.   NOACA asked for input and boy did they get it.  We must pushback hard.  They want to change our lives.  You can see the entire presentation at the following link.   It is the January 10th event.  Pay attention to our input.   Lunch and Learns | eNEO2050.   Notice that their questions assumed everyone agrees.  For example: Climate Change exists.  What do you say if you don't agree?  They provided no such option.  This is an example of the corrupt process they use. 
They really did not want our feedback and their fake news allies came out quickly make outlandish claims and calling us names.  What does that tell you?   We must have hit a nerve.  Here are some articles. 

NOACA meetings hijacked by climate change deniers - Axios Cleveland

This article completely ignores our presence and comments/questions:

NOACA gets feedback on Climate Action Plan | Chronicle Telegram 

This is from Scene Magazine, which pretends to be a news outlet:

In Mix of Levity and Urgency, NOACA Entertains Clevelanders' Climate Worries | Cleveland News | Cleveland | Cleveland Scene (

And this one is actually pretty decent, seems like the young lady is actually acting like a legitimate journalist:

Northeast Ohio residents left with questions after NOACA climate listening sessions | WOSU News

We started something.  Please help us to continue the fight to push back on NOACA who is working hard along with the federal government and ICLEI (a Marxist UN organization) to push this Climate Change Action Marxist movement.   Strong words but you can soften the truth.   We must not let them make progress (pun intended).   Many have died on beaches in and fields to protect out liberties.  We must do our part to fight NOACA who is wanting to take our liberties.  

Not wanting to write a book we will offer this little piece of evidence.   it comes from and Article in New American magazine.   Scary stuff.   The whole article will be posted on the Geauga County Tea Party Website or you can subscript to their magazine.   It is very good reading.    The UN's New World Religion - The New American


NOACA partnered with ICLEI and ICLEI is part of the circus.  They are corrupt and a Marxist organization.  Their plan destroys private liberty and rights. 


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