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ASP-2000 - NEW
Automated Biological Specimen Prep  - NOW WITH THERMAL CONTROL

Microscopy Innovations introduces the ASP™-2000, building on the features and benefits of the ASP-1000 with the ability to automate the heating and cooling of reagents for even higher quality electron microscopy results. Thermal control features include:
  • Independent heating and cooling of 2 reagent plate positions.
  • Temperature control from 0-100°C.
  • Temperatures can be automated within ASP protocols or manually set from a separate dashboard.
  • Continuous reagent plate temperature readouts.
  • Anodized aluminum base and two covers for each thermal unit provide thermal mass to maintain steady temperatures.


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Automatic Specimen Processing for vEM in a Mouse Model of Breast Cancer (Stempinski, E.S. et al., Microscopy & Microanalysis Meeting 2022)

This poster by researchers at OHSU compares the contrast of sections of a mouse breast tumor across manual processing, automated ASP processing, and automated ASP-2000 using ethanolic UA sample prep methods for volume EM. The ASP decreased time for this intensive protocol from 2.5 days to 5 hours.

A Versatile Enhanced Freeze-Substitution Protocol for Volume Electron Microscopy (Bélanger, S. et al. Front. Cell Dev. Biol. 2022)

This publication details an approach combining the benefits of cryo-preservation with enhanced contrast for volume EM in hard-to-fix and diverse organisms and tissue types, including plant tissues, nematode, and yeast.


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Oodles of Resources at the Ready

Check out our resource library, containing ample application notes, plentiful publications, and volumes of videos covering TEM, SEM, STEM, immunogold labeling, 3DEM and vEM across organisms and tissue types. mPrep capsules and the ASP reduce reagent consumption, increase reliability and consistency of processing, and increase throughput while decreasing time at the bench. Check out how automation can increase efficiency in your lab!


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